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Kayla Chantel Yoga was founded in 2018.

Kayla’s passion is helping people feel good in their bodies, both physically and emotionally.  Her classes are designed to help you build strength, increase mobility, and create a calm, positive mindset through breathwork and meditation. 

The big difference in Kayla’s classes, according to her students, is that she makes yoga and movement change to fit your body, not the other way around.  Modifications and props are used widely to support your movement practice. 

There is only one rule in Kayla’s class – “meet yourself where you are today”.  That means there is no room for judgment or comparison, just focus on movement that feels good now!  See you in a class soon!

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Yoga Class

Korrective Healing Classes

Functional Movement

Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm
75 min

Functional Movement is inspired by yoga and the desire to increase mobility, functionality, and preserve (or perhaps create) healthy joints.  What does that really mean?  I want you to be able to improve your squat at the gym, find it easier to bend down to pick up your child, or clean up their toys, and give you tools to use throughout your day to combat upper body pain caused from sitting at your desk in front of your laptop.

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