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Hey, I am Kayla...

My name is Kayla C. Grosfield and I am the founder of Kayla Chantel Yoga.  I was born here in the Region.  I went to school at WLU and graduated with an Honours BA – English.  I have volunteered with Pathways to Education and the Food Bank, both of which are near and dear to my heart. 

My interest in yoga began after a car accident in 2017.  I had a severe concussion and needed to find a way to move my body that was low impact and slower paced.  My experience was isolating.  The instructors never looked like me, I am not super athletic - I am softer with curves, and these classes were not sequenced in a way that felt good for my body - think lots of up/down sequences, something that felt far more cardio based.  When I asked about modifications, I was advised to sit this one out and try the next pose.  That immediately sparked my desire to become a yoga teacher so I could change all of that.

This began my journey with Asia Nelson and Pranalife Yoga, which has recently rebranded to The Movement Life.  I studied with Asia for the better part of a year, learning about the body, movement, and creating safe spaces for folks to move in.  Upon the completion of my training with Asia, I also took Restorative Yoga training with Selam Debs, a fellow Pranalife Yoga grad and pillar of the BIPOC community, and Trauma Informed training with Tiffany Rose.

I get *really* excited about Functional Movement.  I love creating classes that I know will help you move better.  Movements that are specifically curated to increase mobility + strength and decrease pain.  With that being said, this isn't a 1 class per week magic pill - as much as I wish I could offer that - but practicing these movements at home or coming to 2 classes a week is a *fantastic* way to make moving easier now and into your later years!  Think about getting up from/getting down onto the floor, squatting at the gym, walking up and down the stairs, walking on uneven terrain, picking up your laundry basket or child... We take all of these things for granted, but there is so much we can be doing now to ensure that if those things are easy for you now - it stays that way.  Or if they are challenging right now - we make that easier.

My goal has always been to create an environment in which participants feel safe enough to let go.  Meet yourself where you are today.  No judgment.  No comparison.  Just be.

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