Your Questions.  Answered.

Where are classes located?

As of July 2022 Kayla Chantel Yoga will be held in TWO locations!

Semi-private classes are held at Korrective Healing (class size is capped at 6).

The address is:

Korrective Healing

206-123 Pioneer Dr,

Kitchener ON N2P 2A3


Our second location is Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex.

The address is:

Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

101 Father David Bauer Dr,

Waterloo ON N2J 4A8

I have never done yoga before.  Is this class right for me?

My classes are designed for all levels of practice.  There are no "advanced" or "beginner" poses.  We focus on movement and meditation.  You can modify all movements to make them feel good for you.  Bodies of all shapes, sizes, colours, abilities, and more are welcome and encouraged to come!  No judgment, no comparison.  I would love to see you there!

This class is NOT for you if you are expecting traditional yoga.  Functional Movement is inspired by what you might expect in a yoga class, but the focus is creating strength and releasing tension through the body, and creating a strong, quiet mind through breathwork and meditation and affirmations.

Is this an Inclusive Space?

To be honest, I dislike this word...  All spaces should be safe for all to enjoy.  This isn't a space just for "this" type of body or "that".  Everyone is welcome here.  All body shapes, sizes, and colours.  That is the standard.  So I choose to say this is a SAFE SPACE, because I will not tolerate anything that would make you feel unsafe or unwelcome.

We use props like straps and blocks support you throughout your practice - for example: a yoga strap behind the knees can make hugging the knees in toward the chest, more comfortable.  Using blocks to bring your yoga mat up to meet your hands can make some stretches more comfortable, too.

If you don't feel comfortable doing a pose, that's okay!  This is your practice!  You will always be offered modifications (sometimes I offer them immediately if it's a common request for that pose/movement, or you can give me a wave and I will show a modification) or props like mentioned above.  Remember, you are in charge of your body so that means you decide what movements you do - I am just there to guide you!

Just know that I do design each movement with the intention of having it be accessible to most!

Can I pay for more than 1 class at a time?  Is there a discount?

The following pricing information does not apply to classes at Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

Drop In Class $22.60

​5 Class Pass $100 

​10 Class Pass $190 


January 2023 Pricing (incl. HST):

Drop In Class $25

5 Class Pass $115 (save $10)

10 Class Pass $205 (save $45)

Class Passes are purchased via e-transfer only.  Kayla will confirm the dates and complete the bookings for you!  You will receive email confirmation of the classes booked as well as email and text reminders before class.

How To Purchase Multi Class Passes:

  1. E-Transfer: Send me an e-transfer for the cost of the Class Pass Package you have selected and let me know if you want to come Monday or Wednesday or both – KaylaChantelYoga@outlook.com (no password required)

  2. I will take care of the bookings and send you a confirmation email and invitation to complete the Client Info and Waiver Form

Please note: these classes can be rescheduled (with sufficient notice - min 24 hrs notice) but cannot be refunded.  You must use the passes within 3 months of purchase, or the classes will be forfeited.  

Why is the Hot Stone Restorative Treatment more expensive?

This is a much more hands on class where I will pamper and care for you for an hour!  You will be wrapped up in a little cocoon, given a warm compress on the forehead and eyes, personalized aromatherapy experience, and an arm and hand massage with the hot stones.  This is your 1 hour, once a week treat for yourself.  Let someone care for YOU, for a change!  

For comparison sake: a massage will be anywhere from $100-150 for the hour, personal training session is priced similarly, and this is a blend of the two in a way at a much lower cost.

Max 4 clients per treatment.  Minimum 2 clients required for treatment to run.

If you wish to purchase the HSR 4 Class Pass you will save 10%

Individual Class: $50
HSR 4 Class Pass: $180 (Regular $200, save 10% - $20)

Rescheduling Policy

The following cancellation/rescheduling information does not apply to classes at Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

"Spaces in each class are limited, it is reserved especially for you!  However, we understand that schedule adjustments are necessary at times. ​Any schedule changes (reschedule only - there are no refunds) must be made 24 hours prior to any class.  

This allows enough time for other clients to fill that spot.  Email reminders are sent out 48 hours prior to your scheduled class.​  Text reminders are sent out 2 hours prior to your scheduled class, if selected at time of booking.​  Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances.  Just send us an email.  Thank you!"


This gives us some time to try to fill that spot.  

Email reminders are sent out 48 hours prior to your scheduled class.

Text reminders are sent out 2 hours prior to your scheduled class, if selected at time of booking.

Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances.  Just send us an email.

Thank you!