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I feel like the holidays rolled in and my schedule got flipped upside down, eating was off, and my sleep schedule was a MESS! I feel like I need a holiday, from the holidays!

Nonetheless, some exciting things happened or were planned during the last few weeks! I have a really exciting photoshoot coming up and oh, well... ummm... ya know, I STARTED TEACHING!

Starting 2019 off accomplishing goals and setting new ones. I decided to start writing down just about any cool or fun idea that comes to mind, as well as things that I have discovered as favourites. For example: I really want to spend the day at a museum, just wandering and taking it all in. A new favourite is this Thai Pizza from Toppers Pizza... YUM!

This year my only 'resolution' is to do what makes me happy. If it doesn't bring me joy or work toward a goal of mine, then it doesn't make the cut. I have spent a lot of years not knowing what makes me happy and that is because I had never really made it a priority. That began to change in 2018, but my hope is that in 2019 I am able to make this idea of putting my happiness first, always, a reality that feels like second nature.

How about you all? Did you enjoy the holidays? Do they stress you out? Do you have any new goals for 2019?

I wish you enough this year :)



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