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Class Sizes, Yoga Retreat, Merch, and more!

Hello friends!

This is a BIG blog post with some feedback/action items required from you, so grab a tea or some water, and get cozy :)

Class Sizes

In the past few classes I have been asking what your comfort level is for class sizes since the capacity limits have been lifted. After careful consideration, I am not going to open up the Hot Stone Restorative classes on Tuesday or Wednesday at all - they will remain at 5 people. Functional Movement Classes on Monday and Thursday will only be able to go beyond 5 people if I personally add someone to the class. For instance - your friend or family member wishes to join, send me a text, I will add them in. Max class size will be 6 or 7. So that is only 1 or 2 more people and I will move my mat off of the carpeted area to make space for that. It really won't impact your space much at all.

As we continue to monitor trends and see how opening up more impacts case numbers, I will adjust accordingly. My number one goal is always going to be creating a safe and healthy space for you, but this is also a business and my source of income, so realistically when it is safe to do so I would like to be able to fit a few more people in there and begin to turn a profit. I am a big fan of transparency - I don't ever want you to feel iffy about anything with me!

So, short version: Classes on Monday and Thursday will only increase by 1-2 when I add people in manually, for the time being.

Yoga Retreat

This was brought up in a class last week and honestly, I love the idea! This would be a 1-2 night getaway where we can do some yoga in a different space that would give you the opportunity to roll into bed after an evening class and workshop and dinner together, rather than have to wake yourself up enough to drive home. We would then have a morning yoga session and maybe enjoy breakfast together before setting out for some solo relaxation time, wandering around the shops, or diving into a good book.

All of the details need to be ironed out and that's where I need some feedback from you! If you are interested in attending a weekend yoga retreat, please follow this link to leave your information and answer a few questions for me: Yoga Retreat Form


Merch that is actually cool and not tacky is a relatively easy way to say HEY I like this thing/place/business. Would you ever be interested in Kayla Chantel Yoga merch? T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, mugs, notepads, etc? I think this would be such a cool project and I would love to create some KCY branded merch, if that is something you would want to wear/use! So let me know if this is something I should start creating!


As the weather begins to warm up, I would love to also add in some outdoor yoga. We could all meet at a park in the neighborhood, or venture off somewhere and do a class outside and you're more than welcome to bring snacks and we can have a big ol picnic after!

In studio classes will continue with this schedule unless there is something you would like to see added into the mix:

Monday at 7:30pm - Functional Movement

Tuesday at 8:30pm - Hot Stone Restorative

Wednesday at 7:30pm - Hot Stone Restorative

Thursday at 7:30pm - Functional Movement

Is there anything about the schedule that you'd like to see change? Would you be interested in 2 classes back to back - Functional Movement followed by Hot Stone? Sunday daytime classes? Let me know!

Class Passes

You all seem to be enjoying the option to do Class Passes and save! If you are unsure when your Class Passes end, please send me a note and I will let you know so you can scoop up another one to avoid disruption in your weekly yoga schedule!

Client Info Form and Waiver

If you are a current KCY client, I need you to fill out this form. It includes a waiver - you agree to listen to your body and not push yourself beyond your capabilities - only you know your body best! I will be asking at the beginning of each class if you have filled it out or not, if it isn't filled out I will need you to do so before class begins :) You can find that here: Client Info Form and Waiver

Action items: fill out Yoga Retreat Form, Client Info and Waiver and let me know about Merch and Class Schedule

I think that about does it, friends! I am so appreciative of you, thank you for your continued support!

Have an amazing week and I will see you on the mat soon!


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