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Counting down the days...

8 months ago I began this journey, and just this past Sunday we taught our Karma Class and that marked the end of our time together in class. I have one last assignment to submit, and then on December 16th our certificates will be sent to us and then it is official - I will be a real-deal yoga instructor!

It is amazing to think that I am really here, at this moment. 8-9 months ago, I had no idea where I was headed and here I am, ready to change the world with yoga. I am early awaiting the 16th of December so I can share my certificate with you all!

Our Karma Class was incredible! We decided on the theme of joy and celebration - we each chose a posture or mini-flow that gave us an aha moment, or made us feel powerful. Magically, everything came together and created a beautiful class. We all echoed each others movements and it felt like the earlier movements were perfectly placed to prep and prime the body for later postures. I am truly, so proud of everyone in that room. You all did a phenomenal job!

I chose to do a little warrior sequence, beginning at the top of your mat, I did a little visualization, and then we moved through crescent, warrior 2, and exalted/reverse warrior L and R. Finishing with another little heart warming visualization about sending good energy to the person who invited them to the Karma Class.

I felt amazing, I did a combination of demonstrating and moving around the (very small) path between my fellow grads and our guests. I prefer to teach NOT demonstrating, truthfully. I love to watch, observe, talk, and be present with each practitioner. So being able to split it and do both, was a nice balance!

The feedback I got from some of the guests really made my heart sing! I was so honoured to hear the kind words they offered me, and to be asked to teach them again.

I cannot wait, I am counting down the days until I can teach you all! <3

Seriously can't wait to see you on the mat!



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