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December Vacation + Pricing for the New Year + Class Pass Expiration Date

Hi friends!

I just wanted to remind you that I will be away from Dec 9-19th. So there will be no classes during that time. There will be a class December 6th and then the next class will be December 20th.


As for pricing for the new year, I mentioned when I reopened my yoga business, that I was going to be offering my discounted rate for 2021 as a way to make yoga accessible to a few more people during this pandemic. We are getting closer and closer to seeing the light at the end of this tunnel, and that means some sense of normalcy is returning. The biggest impact on so many businesses has been their ability to perform and earn at their full capacity.

Many yoga studios are charging around:

Drop In $28.25 (taxes in) ($25/class +HST)

5 Class Pass $113 (taxes in) ($20/class +HST)

10 Class Pass $214.70 (taxes in) ($19/class +HST)

*** These prices are fair and within reason - some charge more, some charge less***

My current pricing:

Drop In/Pay as you Go $17 (taxes in) ($15.04/class +HST)

5 Class Pass $85 (taxes in) ($15.04/class +HST)

10 Class Pass $170 (taxes in) ($15.04/class +HST)

Updated Pricing for 2022: (which now includes the use of blankets, bolsters, blocks, yoga straps, hot stones, and more)

Drop In/Pay as you Go $22.60 (taxes in) ($20/class +HST)

5 Class Pass $100 (taxes in) ($17.70/class +HST)

10 Class Pass $190 (taxes in) ($17/class +HST) (Savings of $10 when you purchase 10 vs 5 Class Pass)

The bottom line: the prices will only differ between $2 - $5

We all try to offer our classes at a fair price for you, the client, and for us, the teacher. Many forget that in order to become a yoga teacher there is so much training involved! So we appreciate when you see the value in our offerings!


Lastly, your Class Passes do have an expiration date. You must use your 5 or 10 Class Pass within 1 year of purchase.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support! I look forward to bringing you healthy movement and relaxation throughout 2022!


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