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I am so excited to announce...

I have BIG NEWS to share!

I will be teaching movement classes at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex starting this summer! This will be our second location, I will still be teaching at Korrective Healing in Doon.

This is a huge step for Kayla Chantel Yoga and I am absolutely THRILLED to be taking all of you along on this journey with me.

Yoga + Movement at KCY has always been about helping you feel confident, strong, and move your body with more ease by performing movements designed to decrease pain and increase mobility. Let's lose the negative self talk and replace it with kindness and light - it's not about always being positive and happy, although those are GREAT things to be - it's about finding that softness, being kind and gentle with yourself when you might have otherwise chosen to be critical. There's no judgment here. We don't practice bendy twisty, pretzel yoga - that isn't my jam... there are LOTS of amazing studios that offer that - my niche is restorative and functional movement. This means finding ways to move the body that support you where you are today while helping you achieve those movement goals - whether that is feeling more confident in picking up a full laundry basket, the kids, or improving your squat at the gym - whatever your goals are, let's do it! I am bringing this philosophy to the WMRC this July and will be teaching 8 classes a week! If this sounds like your kind of vibe, I would love to see you in a class.

Here is the schedule:

All of the class descriptions will be on my website, and you can begin to register for classes in June! Registration will happen through the City of Waterloo.

I will still have classes at Korrective Healing and those can continue to be booked here or by purchasing a Multi Class Pass.

Thank you!


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