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Monthly Series, Class Passes, and Exciting News Coming Next Week!

Hello friends!

I thought I would touch base with you and give you an update on what has been happening at KCY!

March held our very first Hip and Back series - it went over REALLY well and got a ton of great feed back.

In April, our focus has been Shoulders, Neck, and Wrists. We are finishing that up this week! I think we will break that down even further the next time we do it. Spend 1 week on neck, 1 on shoulders, and 1 on wrists so we really get the focused time and attention on those areas.

For June we will return to the Back and Hip Series and work on increasing strength and range of motion. Those 90/90s started off super challenging but already you have seen HUGE improvements - I am SO proud of you and the hard work you're putting in.

I have some really exciting news coming in a few days about what I will be up to for the summer, so I hope you stick around to hear the announcement next week!


- Giveaway happening April 30th! Last few days to enter!

- June we will be working on Back & Hips again!

- If your Class Pass is running out, don't forget to message me to renew!

- Big announcement next week!

See you on the mat,


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