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Most Asked Questions

Hi friends!

I have an FAQ page - but I thought I would do a blog post about a few other questions I get asked. So if you have questions, check the FAQ, read this post, and if you still don't have your answer, send me a message and I will be happy to help!

Where are classes held?

I am new to yoga, is this class for me?

Is this an inclusive space?

Can I buy more, save more?

What is your cancellation policy?

ALL of those questions are answered here

Now, for a few others...

Q. This doesn't feel like the other yoga classes I have taken. Why?

A. Well, we all have our own styles of teaching, but I like to say that my classes are inspired by yoga. Functional Movement really resonates with me. I want to help you move better. Increase your mobility. Help you squat better at the gym. Decreasing pain and increasing strength in your wrists/back/hips etc. THAT is what gets me excited about movement!

Q. What is that diffuser blend?

A. I am USUALLY diffusing my favourite blend of essential oils from doterra: Balance, Cypress, Serenity, and Breathe

Q. Can I book a private yoga class with my friends, at my house, etc.

A. Yes, absolutely! Send me a message to discuss details!

Q. OK but HOW do I buy a Class Pass

A. This is by far the most asked question... Hopefully this explains the process better:

- Decide if you want a 5 or 10 Class Pass (pricing here)

- Decide which classes you want to take, dates, times, and frequency (1x, 2x per week) (check availability here on the Calendly Online Booking website)

- DO NOT BOOK THE CLASSES - you will end up paying full price

- Send me an etransfer to

- Send me an email with your full name, email, cell, list of injuries that impact your movement or participation, and the classes you have decided upon (from above)

- I will book the classes for you AFTER receiving the etransfer (should a date/time no longer be available, I will ask you which other class you'd like instead)

- I will send you an email with the list of classes, dates, times booked and a link to the Client Form & Waiver that must be completed before your first class.

I think that does it :) It's really not so bad!

If you can think of another question that I haven't answered, send me a message!



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