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New Class: Hot Stone Restorative Yoga

Hey friends!

I have exciting news to share with you!

You asked for something more relaxing... something to help you unwind...

Allow me to introduce you to Hot Stone Restorative Yoga!

Once you have arrived, set up your mat, and have yourself comfy, you will begin the class with a cup of tea to help you unwind. This class is designed to be your 1 hour getaway from the stress of work and responsibility. Your only job is to arrive, connect with your breath, and enjoy. The poses in this class are passive, meaning you do not need to work to hold them. The blankets and pillows will support you. Give yourself permission to rest and recharge your batteries. We also use Hot Stones in this class which help the muscles relax by creating a warm cozy feeling throughout the body. It is like a warm hug!

Check out my Calendly booking site for scheduling details!

I cannot wait to offer this class in the new year... you are going to LOVE it!

See you on the mat soon,


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