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Rise + Shine Yoga - New Opportunity!

Hey friends!

I have an opportunity to bring you yoga in the mornings at a new studio in Cambridge. Before I take the leap and commit - I wanted to gage your interest! If my client base is really only interested in evening yoga, I will keep the schedule as is. However, if you are interested in early morning yoga classes - I am thinking a 6:30am and 8:00am class during the week - then I will jump on it!

Rise + Shine Yoga would be a class that focuses on waking up the body and the mind, preparing you for a successful day ahead. Mobility, range of motion, happy joints and stronger muscles. Meditation and goal setting for the day. I want this to be your opportunity to start the day off with something that is good for YOU - we know how much of the day is spent focused on our family, friends, work, and responsibilities - so let's make sure that YOU are a priority too, right of the hop!

So, what I need from you is:

- Which week days are better for you? Is one day better than another or do you want classes Monday - Thursday?* (I would need 5 people per class in order to offer it)

- What time(s) do you prefer? Do you like 6:30am and 8:00am?

This new studio space is located in Cambridge close-ish to the big WalMart off of hwy 24.

We can start pretty soon with this if I get at least 5 people registered per class! So ask a friend and let me know! This could be really, really cool yall!

I hope you are as excited as I am!



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