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What is yoga anyway?

Ohhhhh my oh my that is not an easy question. There is no clear cut answer. Yoga is something slightly different to everyone. Does yoga have to be traditional postures to "be yoga" to you? Maybe it needs to involve some sort of meditation to "be yoga". Or, maybe yoga, for you, is a workout! Faced paced. Standing. Inversion. Hard work.

Take a few minutes and consider, what is it about yoga that FEELS like yoga to you?

For me, yoga is composed of both the physical and mental/emotional. I like to feel like I have listened to my body and given it what it needs that day. If I want to burn calories and sweat up a storm, I am going to lift weights. Yoga, for me, is spiritual. I turn in, connect with my body, mind, and soul, and then create a sequence that brings more freedom and/or ease to the places that need it.

I love a good meditation. It can be a struggle, as my mind tends to wander and then before I know it I am dreaming about something and need to return to my breath and focus. It's a journey. Meditation has allowed me to reflect and really make informed decisions. If I am feeling any type of way, I will sit with those feelings and give them the time and space they deserve. I usually come out of that meditation with an answer or a solid idea of how I want to proceed with something. The more I do it, the more comfortable I am trusting my gut.

This is the most beautiful part of yoga, in my opinion. If you are looking for a beautiful restorative, emotional healing, and spiritual experience with candles, twinkle lights, and supportive props, you know who to come to! If you're looking for a kick ass yoga experience that gives you that yoga booty ASAP, I know who to send you to!

No matter what yoga means to you, or if you don't even know yet, there are so many instructors who feel so passionately about their craft, you really have your pick! Maybe 3 nights a week you want one style and then 2 nights a week you're looking for something different - BEAUTIFUL! We've got you!

So, fellow yoga practitioners, I encourage you to sit for a few minutes and think about what yoga means to you...

Hope to see you on the mat!



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