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Yoga with Kayla

Kayla Chantel Yoga is located in Kitchener and we offer three different styles of class with one common goal - to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. We do this through movement, mindfulness, and meditation.

If you have body pain – and this could be from an old injury, repetitive stress at work, or sitting in an office chair too long during the day – then I recommend you try our Functional Movement classes. Our goal in this class is to decrease pain and increase mobility. Think about it this way – whether you are bending down to pick up a basket of laundry, your child, or a barbell at the gym – everything from your ankles to your shoulders are involved. If all those parts are working together well with optimal range of motion – you are going to feel pretty good doing that activity. No more aches and pains – freedom. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Then there are those days where you just need a big cozy hug… You want to curl up with a blanket and indulge in a little self care. We have a class for that, too. Hot Stone Restorative Yoga was designed to be a mini vacation from your responsibilities and that never ending to-do list. In this class we use hot stones on the body while we rest in some *really* relaxing poses. All the while you are supported by big pillows and covered in a soft blanket. Yes, please!

Lastly, for those early risers who want to get their movement in at the beginning of their day, we have Rise + Shine: Empower Me this class incorporates Functional Movement and Mindfulness. Think of this class as your one hour empowerment session. You are going to leave this class feeling like you did something really good for the mind and the body. Ready for a successful day (and week) ahead!

If all those things sound like something you would like to get in on, I would love to see you in a class, or two! You can pay-as-you-go or purchase Multi Class Passes and save!

Details on pricing and how to save can be found here

To check class availability, or book a class, click here

I can’t wait to move with you soon,


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