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Testimonials: Testimonials

Amy B.

Kayla is doing exactly what she was meant to do and it shows in her classes. This was the best yoga series I have ever done. Looking forward to the next one!

Kelly T.

I love Kayla’s warm welcoming environment. Her positivity and focus on doing what feels right and best for you in each exercise really allows you to focus on what your body needs each class. I always leave class feeling peaceful and refreshed.

Sharon G.

The class was very inclusive, and I felt very welcome!

Karen H.

Kayla is a kind, respectful and gentle instructor who knows her stuff! Addicted to the Hot Stone Restorative class.

Stephanie P.

I highly recommend Kayla’s yoga services! I started off my yoga journey with Kayla in 2019 with prenatal yoga classes while I was heavily pregnant and in so much pain. She helped me build core strength which in turn helped elevate a lot of the pains I was going through with the pregnancy. Since then I have attended regular yoga classes that were so empowering. And most recently I have been attending her hot stone restorative yoga classes that truly make me feel my very best. I am a plus size woman and feel so extremely comfortable and included in Kayla’s yoga classes! She’s extremely accommodating when it comes to modifying movements to work with various abilities. Kayla’s classes always make me feel calm, peaceful and powerful and I get so excited when it’s yoga day! Love love love! Tens across the board!

Jennie M.

Going to Kayla’s yoga class is the highlight of my week. Her focus on body, mind and spirit blend together seamlessly throughout her class and strengthen all three parts of you. I leave her classes feeling I have given my body, mind and soul the much needed attention and care I don’t have time to do during the rest of my chaotic week. Knowing I have one glorious hour to spend focusing on my needs at Kayla Chantel Yoga is often the incentive that helps me power through my Tuesdays and keeps me going the rest of the week.

Jody M.

Yoga with Kayla is everything I love about yoga.  She works the body while empowering and calming the mind.  She focuses on movement that is healthy for the body and makes it work for every level and body type.  I am so fortunate to have found her! 

Shannon G.

Kayla creates a very welcoming space paired with calm, yet enthusiastic energy! Her class is a wonderful way to relax, and practice self care as she leads you through the hour. There is no pressure to do anything outside of your comfort zone, in fact she emphasizes the importance of comfort while still encouraging you to let go and be in the moment. As a newcomer to the class, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I feel very much at home in her practice. At 35 weeks pregnant, Kayla takes special care and attention to my individual needs while leading the class, which is certainly appreciated. I’d encourage anyone who is interested to give her classes a try.

Cynthia T.

You have made a huge impact on my life. One of your FB posts dropped on my feed at just the right moment and I thought I would give it a try. And it has been one of the best things over the past couple of months. It gets me out of the house, you're so welcoming and supportive, and I can feel changes in myself. I couldn't do a down dog before and now I can, I had incredible pain in my wrist and now that is nearly gone. Thank you for being there - you are a lifeline in these challenging times

Navneet K.

I had one of my best yoga experiences, with Kayla. I am a beginner and this was my first class with her. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. Kayla went at a slower pace and kept a nice flow and created a beautiful space. I definitely felt a deep stretch and felt very relaxed during and after our session. I loved how the class ends with meditation and mantra, it makes you feel refreshed for the week. I would highly recommend Kayla! Just come try out one class, you will fall in love!

Jody M.

The worst part about yoga with Kayla is that the class must always come to an end!  Kayla works hard to create an ambiance that is calm, safe and peaceful. It is a little escape from reality that is so good for my body and mind.

Sarah Smith

"Kayla uses language throughout her class that creates the most gorgeous imagery. With her beautifully poetic descriptions movement becomes so much more than a simple pose or transition. Kayla has an ability to hold space for practitioners to explore the many levels of their yoga practice. When I practice with Kayla I feel a sense of acknowledgement, as if she is letting me know that she sees me as my best self. Her classes leave me with a sense of feeling a little more open and willing to practice gentle compassion towards myself."

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